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An Open Letter to Our DEN Community

Hello DEN Community!

We hope this message finds you well and in good spirits as you enjoy your much-deserved summer break! Looking ahead to the upcoming school year, we are 100% focused on supporting your love of teaching and collaborating with fellow educators. Therefore, we’d like to introduce you to the new DE Blog!

We SEE You

At Discovery Education, we are continuously amazed by our educators and have the deepest respect for the many roles you perform daily: resilient teacher, classroom coach, curriculum leader, student cheerleader, parent liaison—among so many others.

So we want to, first, thank you for all you do. For always tackling new challenges and adjusting to an ever-changing education landscape, for constantly being creative, learning new technologies and strategies, and never ceasing to support every learner in any circumstance. 

We’re forever grateful that the resources we provide can help you accomplish that important mission, and we hope this new DE Blog will only amplify that support.

Welcome to the DE Blog

Our priority is to build and elevate relationships with our DEN Community, and we want to extend this sense of trust, respect, and community beyond DE—to provide value to all educators as they tirelessly find new ways to engage students.

With the DE Blog, we’re not only going to focus on the fundamentals, but also cover timely and innovative resources that will help you easily design and adapt your daily lessons to meet the needs of all learners. Plus, provide another way to connect educators to each other by extending opportunities for them to share their own stories.

It’s about more than just showing you new DE content. It’s about sharing practical ways to use that digital content with instructional strategies, creative teaching tools, and relevant resources that strengthen instruction every day. It’s about finding inventive ways to deliver lessons that encourage all students to become life-long learners and curiosity-driven, future-ready members of society.

Finding What You Need

Get started by checking out our featured blogs on the home page, providing the latest news and resources from DE. Then browse our three main content categories to find the right vetted resources and teaching tips you need:

  • Timely Resources – New content, features, and holiday resources to use today.
  • DE in Action – Instructional strategies, tools, and how they fit into daily lessons.
  • Community Stories – Best practices, advice, and experiences from your fellow DEN educators.

You can also click one of the topic tags on the DE Blog home page (or the bottom of every page) to find content that fits your specific interests. Search by subject or meet specific needs like SEL tips, cross-curricular content, or career exploration resources.

Looking for blogs written by a specific author? Click the author name at the top of a blog to see their profile, find other articles they’ve written, and even connect with them on social media!

Lastly, you can easily bookmark tips and strategies to come back to later, and quickly put what you’re reading into practice by signing in to your DE platform right from the blog.

We hope this will help save you time and energy as you plan your lessons and find creative ways to engage all students.

We Want to Hear from YOU

Part of making sure we’re giving you what you need and providing the best blogs that help you in your daily lessons is opening the opportunity to hear from our DEN Community directly. Tell us what you want us to write about, what challenges you’re facing, and what problems you need help solving. Please reach out to us at or head over to @DiscoveryEd and let us know!

Your DE Community Team



Jacqueline Kavege
Sr. Director, Programs &
Community Engagement

Ann Crilley
Sr. Manager, Community Engagement

Cameron Waldo
Manager, Community Engagement

Check out our latest blogs for timely and relevant content perfect for back-to-school season!

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