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Growing STEM Forward Students

STEM skills empower the solution seeker in everyone—from students to 7-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky. STEM Forward’s latest digital learning resources equip educators, students, and families with hands-on opportunities to practice creative problem solving and innovation using the engineering design process.

Diving into Challenges Like a Pro

The new “Solution Seeking Like an Olympian” digital lesson bundle takes students inside the mindset of Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky to learn how she embraces new obstacles in life and uses science, technology, and math to maximize her performance. “STEM opens up a world of possibilities,” says Ledecky. “We’re not intimidated by the hard or the complicated. [It] gives us crucial skills and a strong foundation that we can apply to countless situations in school, at home, in life…and even in the pool!”

Watch as she shows students her formula for an Olympic-level performance, proving just how useful these skills can be for overcoming challenges and achieving their goals. “

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Inspiring Student Solution Seekers

“Solution Seeking Like an Olympian” learning resources encourage students to tackle problems they care about using an engineering design process inspired by Panasonic’s approach to innovation.

  • Immerse students in each step of engineering, from research to prototyping to optimization, as they consider problems that are meaningful to them. Students then explore potential STEM careers to which they could apply these solution-seeking skills.
  • Use the included Educator Guide for context and lesson extension tools to spark solution seeking in any learning environment. Find educator prep, standards-alignment details, student handouts, and more.

Bringing STEM Home

Extend learning and bring the fun home with the Family Activity! Celebrate the collaborative side of solution seeking as students learn how to tackle challenges using tips from 3-time Olympian Katie Ledecky and Panasonic’s world-class engineering team.

Focusing on a problem that impacts the home, families will work together to find out how they can use STEM skills to develop practical solutions. The featured brainstorming exercise helps families kick off learning by reflecting on their strengths as a household, including family well-being, environment, and personal interactions.

Breaking Down Barriers with STEM

Additional resources encourage students to think in bold new directions in class and beyond, including Winning with STEM: A Virtual Field Trip with Katie Ledecky and Panasonic. A companion Educator Guide features student activities and background information that helps students practice concepts covered in the Virtual Field Trip.

Join us, Panasonic, and Katie Ledecky in our commitment to empowering a new generation of STEM-savvy solution seekers, capable of building success and improving lives.

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