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Celebrate the Wonders of Space with STEM and Career Exploration Resources

In celebration of National Space Day, the STEM Careers Coalition has curated a selection of resources that encourage students to think like astronauts with exciting intergalactic activities that explore machine learning, vision software engineering, cosmic combustion and more. Educators can introduce students to out-of-this world people working in exciting careers that support human space exploration and connect students with STEM skills that will build our future beyond this planet.

Career Portal

What kind of problems do your students want to solve? Explore profiles of professionals who are using the skills they learned in school to solve problems through innovation. Help students make the connection from the classroom to careers that will allow them to chart the course for space exploration in the future.

  • Payload Logistics (NASA)
  • Mechanical Engineer (NASA)
  • Computer Vision Software Engineer (Boeing 3D Printouts for Aircraft)- may be a slight stretch from the others

Family Activities

As summer approaches, help students bring the joy of discovery to life in the comfort of their own home with  exciting digital learning explorations that help students put STEM skills into action and get the whole family involved in flexing their STEM muscles.

In Cosmic Commute, students explore how long it would take them to drive to the moon from their hometown! In this Fermi problem, the goal is to emphasize the process of solving the problem over getting the right answer.

Classroom Activities

Access the no-cost, standards-aligned classroom activities available at STEMCareersCoalition.org to support future career success for all students. Each activity gives students the opportunity to practice important STEM skills and includes a step-by-step guide for implementing activities into the classroom. Check out these space-related activities today!

  • Combustion of Hydrocarbons
  • Machine Learning

Find these and other STEM exploration resources on the STEM Careers channel in Discovery Education’s K12 learning platform.

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