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Social-Emotional Learning Coalition Helps Support Critical Educator and Student Needs with New SEL Center

The Social-Emotional Learning Coalition, a partnership between Discovery Education and leaders across the public, private, and philanthropic sectors to drive access and innovation in embedding SEL in the student experience, provides K-12 educators, students, families, and afterschool directors a library of digital social and emotional learning (SEL) resources supporting the integration of SEL into core instruction. The Social-Emotional Learning Center is the first initiative of the Social-Emotional Learning Coalition and The Allstate Foundation and National AfterSchool Association are anchor partners.

More than two decades of research shows that SEL can help young people develop social responsibility, practice leadership, and gain personal and social skills. COVID-19 and its impact on education underscores educators’ need for curated and vetted content supporting the whole child in any learning setting. To better meet the need for resources supporting students’ SEL development, the new Social-Emotional Learning Coalition improves access to high-quality, instructional resources.

Available to the public, the resources empower educators and families to tailor responses to students’ SEL needs while introducing school systems to SEL competencies aligned to frameworks such as Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). The content in the Social-Emotional Learning Center is sourced from trusted Discovery Educations partners such as CASEL, Kaiser Permanente, LG, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Dove Self-Esteem Project, and Wings for Kids. Designed for all K-12 students and educators, the Center features multi-modal, student-facing digital content aligned to the five SEL competencies from CASEL and includes Virtual Field Trips, videos, podcasts, mindfulness exercises, songs, reading passages, and more.

“Our future depends on a new generation of leaders with the skills, empathy, resilience, and appreciation for diversity to empower them to face challenges and find innovative solutions,” said Francie Schnipke Richards, vice president of social responsibility and The Allstate Foundation. “We are proud to partner with Discovery Education to establish the Social-Emotional Learning Coalition, making SEL a national priority and ensuring equitable access to all students.” The Allstate Foundation empowers youth through programs and experiences to set them on a path to lifetime success – with a focus on SEL and service-learning for nearly a decade.

In addition to the public Social-Emotional Learning Center, the SEL content is also available to schools using Discovery Education’s K-12 learning platform  in the Social-Emotional Learning Center Channel, which includes additional ready-to-use instructional activities and professional learning resources to support SEL integration.

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