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Help Students Learn to Conserve on Earth Day and Beyond

Spark student changemakers this Earth Day with resources from Conservation Station that connect global issues to students’ everyday lives. Explore a series of ready-to-use activities that will get students thinking proactively about local infrastructure, ecological balance, and personal choices. Developed in partnership with Itron, Conversation Station provides students with an exciting look at how new technologies are empowering consumers, making cities smarter and moving us toward a more energy-efficient future

These standards aligned resources are perfect for the “anywhere” classroom to recognize Earth Day, and beyond!

The Internet of Things (Virtual Field Trip)

Take your class for an exciting virtual journey into the Internet of Things to see how the internet can be used to conserve natural resources, protect ecosystems, and create safer, more sustainable communities for the greater good. 

Creating a Water Conscious Meal (Student Activity)

Show students how their food choices affect water availability on Earth by discovering how much water was needed to produce certain foods and creating a menu designed to incorporate food that decreases water consumption.

Calculating Your Ecological Footprint (Student Activity)

Allow students to consider and estimate their consumption of energy used in the home, transportation, food, housing, and for goods and services, while estimating the amount of waste they generate. The goal is to identify ways they can reduce the impact that they have on Earth.

How Much Water Does it Take? (Student Activity)

Introduce students to the idea that it takes water to make many of the products that we buy and use or consume every day. Often the amount of water and the way that it is used is unexpected and hidden from the consumer, but students will learn that greater awareness leads to making better choices.

Marketing Your Smart Device (Family Activity)

Get everyone involved in the Earth Day celebration with a family activity demonstrating how the Internet of Things can be used to track consumption of water and energy use, identify and solve problems in real time and improve the safety of their homes.

Inspire big ideas that go beyond just one day with Conservation Station’s wide variety multimedia resources revolving around the energy-water nexus, including student and family activities. Discovery Education users can find more on the K-12 learning platform in the Conservation Station channel.

To celebrate the 51st Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, Discovery Education and several content, corporate, and community partners present educators, students, and families 51 engaging, curated activities and events. Found online at Discovery Education’s 51 Ways to Earth Day website, these dynamic digital resources inspire students to explore the natural phenomena in the world around them as they observe the 51st Earth Day in the classroom or at home. 



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