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Brain Training is back for the spring!

This Spring, Khan Academy is bringing teachers Brain Training—a  fun, engaging, and interactive assignments program to help get students motivated to participate and finish the school  year on top! Brain Training is a free program based on the assignments teachers already create weekly, aligning with the needs of their students. Brain Training triggers student excitement, and teachers can easily check assignment progress toward completion in the Teacher Dashboard. 

Students will have a blast celebrating their progress with assignment completion while our brain mascot, Pinky, climbs the mountain in the progress tracker. With Brain Training, teachers have a handy, free, and easy-to-use assignments tool to keep students enlivened as they head to summer break! 

When will Brain Training be available?

Brain Training will run from April 12 through May 28. Check your Teacher Dashboard on Monday, April 12 to see your progress tracker:

Here’s what your teacher dashboard will look like during the program. Click “Check Your Progress” so you all can see what you’ve accomplished.

How Brain Training works

Teachers with Khan Academy are automatically enrolled! No sign up required. The only thing teachers have to do is continue to create assignments, and then check the progress tracker for completion. That’s it! Teachers with students that reach level eight are rockstars and will receive some Khan Academy swag as a special thanks for rallying their troops and a job well done!

Get started in a pinch:

icon of megaphone

Step 1: Create an account if you don’t already have one—otherwise login!

screenshot of signing up for teacher account
icon of institutional building

Step 2: Add your school in your Teacher Dashboard

screenshot of khan academy website and where to add your school
icon of laptop

Step 3: Add your students

screenshot of adding students to your roster
icon of open book

Step 4: Create assignments and assign to students

icon of checklist

Step 5: Check student progress in your Class Dashboard

Here’s what your progress tracker will look like. Share with students often to keep the momentum going!

To advance to the next level, you only need four assignments completed per student. Cheer them on to the finish line!

Khan Academy is happy to show our support to teachers for all of their hard work, especially during this particularly challenging and unforeseen time. As a special thanks, teachers that get their students to level eight will have a chance to receive a Khan Academy embroidered beach towel and an embroidered laptop sleeve—just in time for the summer and beyond! The only action teachers need to take is to be active in the Teacher Dashboard checking progress toward assignment completion at each level.

Stay tuned on our social channels for the most up to date Brain Training news and join the conversation @Teachwithkhan and @KhanAcademy on Twitter and Facebook!

More questions? Check out our handy FAQ!

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